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Facebook releases Slingshot photo-social app for iOS

June 18, 2014

Facebook is no stranger to social media, so it should be of little surprise to see them taking on Snapchat in their latest released dubbed Slingshot. Slingshot is a photo sharing app, but instead of just expiring photos, users send one photo to a contact, but the recipient cannot see the image until one gets sent in return.

Slingshot is officially launching today for iOS and Android, at least according to the service’s new Facebook page and website found at In addition, a promotional video sharing how the service works was also released, teasing users with the prospect of yet-another photo sharing gimmick.

Will Facebook strike gold with Slingshot? Go ahead and download the app and you tell us. At least it’s a new idea, if not somewhat contrived.

You can download Slingshot for iOS here in the App Store now.

What do you think of Slingshot? Will it be a fad or the next Instagram? Let us know in comments.

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